Check out these new knit hats that compliment any cool weather style.

NOSOLO has designed a variety of knit hats to match your style.

Whether you are a sporty mom, a college student, an adventure seeker, or an NHL player (yes, they rock NOSOLO), there's a hat for you. To ensure that you continue to keep your hat fashion game on point, get yourself a NOSOLO knit hat. Oh and with every hat you purchase, NOSOLO will donate a percentage of those proceeds to NAMI, so that they can continue to fund and offer services for those seeking assistance with their mental health.


The Tuuk

The Tuuk Knit Hat

The Touque or “tuque” is a term used in Canada to describe the knit hat. It is a way of life; it is Northern Style. The touque (pronounced “too-uk”, such as “Luke” or “Duke”) is as common to wear as boots up north. This is why we created our version, the NOSOLO Tuuk.

The knit cap (or beanie) as it is more commonly known south of the Canadian border, has become more and more of a mainstay in American fashion. From athletes to college coeds to runway models, it's a staple accessory for many. A knit, a beanie, a winter cap… no matter what you want to call it, the Tuuk is a MUST HAVE.



The Zone and The One

Left to right: The Zone and The One Knit Hats

To Pom or not to Pom, that is the question. Here at NOSOLO, we like to mix it up. There are days where we feel like the Pom is the way to go - adding some pizzazz to your outfit and giving you a little extra bounce in your step. This is when The Zone and The One styles come in.

Other days call for the cuff knit. A simple and understated look that gives you a feeling of security and comfort - like a nice warm hug for your head. We recommend both, but that is totally your call. There are days to stand out with the pom and there are days you want to blend in with the cuff knit. Options – it’s all about options, right?

Speaking of options for everyone, talk about the perfect gift this holiday season. C’mon, a warm hug for your head? Who wouldn’t want that? Our one-size-fits-most selection eliminates all the guesswork by allowing you to focus solely on style before heading to checkout. Or even easier, grab a gift card to send to a friend or loved one and let them pick their own style! Just like that, you have made someone’s holiday AND will have also donated to NAMI – the ultimate Win Win!